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Bigham Jewelers Ernst Benz Sponsor Pga Event

It not like you can go after birdies on pins and PGA. You can find a good ball and still get penalized. At the Sony Open, Olson struggling with the wind and rain in Hawaii, finished on seven par and missed the cut by six strokes. World Golf Hall of Famer Greg Norman has welcomed an elite field of 24 golfers from around the world in this, the team format event PGA TOUR. He had some tough breaks, and he threw away, Springer said of his chance to make his first cut. Swiss watch brand Ernst Benz collaborated with Bigham Jewelers to sponsor the 20th anniversary Merrill Lynch Shootout, which benefit CureSearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation, which teed off at Tiburno Golf Club in Naples, Fla.
5.2.09 10:35

Paris Hilton Moving To The Dump Known As Camden

But be prepared for some glamorous LA - Paris Hilton coming to town. Camden is also the spiritual home of Amy Winehouse, Sarah Harding and unfunny man Noel Fielding. Not only you have to be content with a ZIP code sharing with these people, but you also have to put up with the hundreds of children who do not script jeans so tight that their right testicle explode from the pressure of movement. His experience to say the least, when it leaves the tube at Camden Town. Stand still long enough and local drug users quickly take youre a dealer. Weve been to Camden a couple of times.
5.2.09 10:35

Ac Milan Boss Ancelotti Keeps Faith In Ronaldinho

In a few moments of the season, there are players like him who may have dips in form, so that others have collected before.. He just needed to find some consistency and I think Ill be using it in the next few games, because it is an important player. AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti insists he hasn t lost confidence in Ronaldinho. Ronaldinho had an excellent reaction to being benched for Sunday, so that is not absolutely lost a player, has assured Ancelotti.
5.2.09 10:34

Dodgers Confirm That Manny Ramirez Rejected Their Offer

u003cP u003e u003c / p u003e Within one hour of Times columnist TJ Simers to break the news late Monday night Manny Ramirez which rejected the Dodgers one-year, $ 25 million offer, the club spokesman Josh Rawitch confirmed the development and spread the word in an e-mail to the team beat writers.
5.2.09 10:34

Review Pussycat Dolls Wow Belfast

In recent weeks the parents have talked to about five-piece Californian sexualised dance workouts, risque lyrics of marketing and manipulation.. The all-girl troupe came to Northern Ireland on Tuesday night amid a storm of controversy. The Pussycat Doll - set pulses racing as vulgar led their routine Belfast.
5.2.09 10:34

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